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Super Naturals Signature


Super Naturals Signature. Even more complex saucer feet with carefully selected new technologies for the ultimate sound.

Now available in a set of three.

Super Naturals Signature are highly sophisticated stands for components and speakers from Stein Music. The Untertsellfüße come in sets of three: two each are made of African zebra wood, one of Italian olive wood. Furthermore, they contain several ceramic elements that are coupled to the woods with vacuum-impregnated felt pads. In addition, they still contain a specially adapted version of SteinMusic E-pads, which work according to the principles of quantum physics.
Ceramic has a very fast energy exchange. The pads normally dampen, but these are and vacuum-impregnated with a special varnish that stabilizes and makes the sound and but pleasant. The carefully selected wood gives the overall work a very natural sound. The same goes for the quantum phsical approach. 130 steps are necessary to make these saucer feet. Sonically, they have a comparable signature to the simpler Super Naturals, but give the music a much wider scope to unfold.


Basic ideas:

Resonances exist in all audio equipment. When we dampen them, it affects not only the resonance, but also the acoustic energy we need.
When audio components are isolated, the resonances in them remain longer, which has a negative impact on the sound. Therefore, our approach is to allow a derivation from the components.
In many concepts of a similar nature, reflections occur at the interface between the device and the substrate. Here the Naturals support on the one hand to get rid of the unwanted resonances from the components, on the other hand they prevent the reflection from the underground. Naturals are able to "ground" the components due to the large contact surface. In comparison, spikes or pointed cones reduce energy exchange due to the small surface area. Rubber feet store the energy and release it later, leading to impurities in the sound. Rope concepts are another possible approach.
These occasionally sound open and fine, but lack structure due to the lack of derivation.
For our purposes, therefore, Super Naturals are the optimal solution. The soundstage is thus open and wide, voices and instruments are precisely placed. The expression of the music is clear but subtle, with great intensity and expressive timbres.

The correct use of Super Naturals Signature:

Super Naturals Signature come in sets of three. Two (the slightly darker ones) are made from zebrawood, while the lighter ones are made from olive.
The side with the gold metal ring should always face up. Starting with the CD player or turntable, followed by the amplifier and ending with the speakers, the Naturals should always be used instead of the original feet, so that there is direct contact with the bottom of the equipment. The positive effects of the Super Naturals are also clearly audible under power supplies and even under the power strip. If the original feet are higher than the Naturals, they should be removed.
A set of three is always wobble-free and forms a force-fit between the device and the base, which is important for optimal energy dissipation.


If a component is particularly heavy on one side, the Super Natural Signature olive wood should be placed just below the area that is heaviest. Following this, the two zebrawood feet should be used to balance the unit so that they each support approximately the same weight. Here the feet are then not necessarily symmetrically arranged, but achieve the best result. We also recommend placing the Super Naturals Signature as close to the edge of the equipment as possible. If you use the Super Naturals Signature under speakers we recommend to place the lighter olive wood foot in the front center, and two darker zebrano feet in the back right and left corners.

Care and Maintenance:

Super Naturals Signature are very stable when heavy weight is on them, but they are delicate when shifting occurs. That's why components should always be placed directly and straight on top. A set of three can easily support components up to 150 kilos. Thus, they are also designed to support a complete rack, which is highly recommended from a sonic point of view.

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