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Super Naturals (M8 4er Set)


Super Naturals Underlay Dampers. Super Naturals make the soundstage wide and open, voices and instruments are placed precisely. The expression of music becomes fine and subtle, intense but sonorous and colorful.

Super Naturals

Super Naturals are very special feet for components and speakers. They are made of American walnut, ceramic elements and felt pads. Ceramic has a very fast energy transfer. The felt pads are normally damping, but we vacuum impregnated them with a very special varnish that stabilizes them and makes the sound tight but comfortable. And American walnut wood gives the whole composition a very natural sound. Super Naturals are high-precision components. It takes 80 steps to finish them.

Basic ideas
Resonances are present in all audio equipment. When we attenuate them, we not only attenuate resonances, we also attenuate acoustic energy from the signal that is needed. When we isolate audio components, resonances stay in there for quite a long time and destroy the sound. So it's a good idea to give them a path out of those components to let them go to ground. This passage often results in reflections between components and stands. Super Naturals, for one, help get rid of unwanted resonance in components by using ultra-hard ceramic internals that allow for very fast resonance dissipation. These ceramic parts are connected to the wooden parts by felt pads impregnated with a special varnish. This makes them harder and gives much better energy dissipation from the components to the floor. In turn, the outer border of walnut prevents reflections on the stand. Holes inside the walnut reduce self-resonance, which gives a clearer and more natural sound. The hole on the top of the Super Naturals is further stabilized by a nickel-plated brass ring, which is coupled to the internal resonance-reducing ceramic structure by a rock crystal. Super Naturals thus provide an optimal balance between damping and excursion. Super Naturals enhance the sound of any component. Whether under speaker cabinets, components, hi-fi racks or other furniture.
Results you can achieve by using Super Naturals

The soundstage becomes wide and open, voices and instruments are precisely placed. The expression of music is fine and subtle, intense but sonorous and colorful.

How to use Super Naturals

Super Naturals can be used universally among all audio components. Starting with a CD player or turntable, to the amplifier and speakers. Always use the Naturals in place of the original feet so they can couple the cabinet directly to the floor. If the original feet are higher than the Naturals, please remove them. A set of three always has a good contact and can thus transfer the energy perfectly. If you have a component such as a large amplifier with a heavy transformer on one side, place a Natural directly under that transformer. Use two others on the other side to then balance the amplifier. Super Naturals can be used in either direction. Our preferred position for the Naturals is with the wood surface facing down.

Care and Maintenance
Super Naturals are very stable when a heavy weight is placed on them, but somewhat sensitive to shear forces. Always place components directly on top of them from above. A set of three is good for components up to 150Kg. This also makes them suitable for placing under a full rack, which is highly recommended for sound.

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