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Super naturals


Super Naturals Underlay Dampers. Super Naturals make the soundstage wide and open, voices and instruments are placed precisely. The expression of music becomes fine and subtle, intense but sonorous and colorful.

Super Naturals

Super Naturals are Steinmusics latest and most sophisticated feet for components and speakers. They come in sets of three: Two are made out of African Zebrawood, the third is made out of Italian Olivewood. They contain special ceramic elements, felt pads and perfectly adopted woods. Ceramic has a very fast energy transfer. The felt pads normally are dampening, but we vacuum impregnated them with a very special lacquer that stabilizes them and turns the sound to tight but joyful. The carefully selected wood gives the whole composition a very natural sound. It needs 120 steps until one of these items is ready. Sonically they have a similar signature as the Naturals, but the music is more open and free.

Basic Ideas:

Resonances are present in all Audio Equipment. If we dampen them we do not only dampen resonances but also acoustic energy that is needed. If we isolate audio components resonances stay inside pretty long and destroy the sound. So it is a good idea to give them a way out of those components to let them go to earth. At this gateway it often comes to reflections between components and stands. Here Naturals one the one hand help to get rid of unwanted resonances in the components, on the other hand avoid reflections from the stand. Naturals are able to „earth“ the components they carry in a stable but subtle way. On the contrary cones reduce energy transfer by a small surface, and rubber feet store energy and dispense it later again. String concepts are another approach.These may sound fine, but do not ground the components which often means that sound is fine but without structure.

How to use Super Naturals Plus:

Super Naturals Plus come in sets of three. Two made out of zebrawood (the darker ones), one made out of olivewood (the brighter ones). The side with the silver metal ring should always point upwards. They are universally useable under all audio components. Starting at a CD player or a turntable, followed by the amplifier up to the speakers. Always use Naturals instead of the original feet, so that they may directly couple the housing to the ground. If the original feet are higher than the naturals, please remove them. A set of three always has a good contact and so may transfer energy perfect. So this is what we recommend. However in some applications you will not get around using a set of four. These are also available, and you may even get singles if necessary.


If you have a component with a heavy device at one side, place one olivewood Super Natural Plus directly where this heaviest part is. Then use two zebrawood Super Natural Plus to balance the device out that way, that these two feet carry about the same weight. This must not necessarily end up in a symmetric placement of the feet, but is very important to achieve the best results.

Care and maintenance:

Super Naturals Plus are very stable when you put a heavy weight onto them, but somewhat sensitive against shearing forces. Always place the components on them directly from the top. A set of three is good for components up to 150Kg. This makes them suitable also to be place under a complete rack, which is sonically highly recommended.

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