Stein Music

Stateline Phono 2 Signature Netzteil

  • external power supply for SteinMusic Stateline Phono 2 and Stateline Phono 2 Signature
  • no network disturbances
  • same housing as our phono preamps, for a uniform chain
  • in use with the Stateline Phono 2, results in a Stateline Phono 2 Signature

Stateline Phono 2 Signature power supply

External power supply for phono preamps. This external power supply is an almost essential upgrade for owners of an existing Stateline Phono 2 or Stateline Phono 2 Signature. By means of elaborate three-transformer circuitry, the required operating current is provided with impressive linearity and far from any mains interference, with almost unbelievable reserve. When dealing with extremely small audio signals generated by the pickup, low noise is essential for the rediscovery of every fine detail of the record.
That is why we have taken great care to avoid mains noise and distortion by using three transformers.
Two of them work as isolation transformers, effectively filtering noise from as low as 120Hz. When used with the regular phono preamp Stateline Phono 2, the result is a full-fledged Stateline Phono 2 Signature. 

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