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Stateline Phono 2 Signature

  • phono stage designed for MM and MC turntables
  • Impedance and capacitance can be adjusted
  • minimalist, compact design
  • Upgrade of the Stateline Phono 2, for even finer sound nuances

Stateline Phono 2 Signature

The Signature version is also equipped with a special upgrade board power supply. This board contains only the best film capacitors, vacuum capacitors and
numerous Oscon capacitors in a very balanced configuration that perfectly matches the Stateline Phono 2 amplifier.
Just like the main board of the Stateline Phono 2 preamplifier, the complete Signature board, including all components, is painted with Steinmusic Maestro lacquer to optimize mechanical resonances. In addition, some SteinMusic InLine Silver are implemented in the power supply, these reduce magnetic distortion.
Finally, we additionally work with the technology used in ourE-Pads to get closer to perfection with the overall results.
All of these features take the potential of the turntable preamp to a much higher level of quality.

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