Stein Music

Stateline Amp 2 Signature

  • Inputs: 5x line-in RCA, SPDIF-RCA, USB-A
  • American walnut feet
  • Treated with additional OsCon caps, E-pads and Maestro lacquer
  • minimalist, stylish and timeless design
  • Stainless steel housing and glass front panel


Stateline Amp 2 Signature

Based directly on the Stateline Amp 2, this version has been further refined as the Signature version.
The performance and circuit data remain identical, the construction is supplemented with extra OsCon capacitors and E-pads and important assemblies are additionally treated with Maestro lacquer. The acoustic result draws once again significantly finer, freer, more natural and more plastic.

Inputs: 5x Line-in RCA, SPDIF RCA, USB-A.
Dimensions: width 458mm, height 75mm, depth 300mm




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