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Q5 Quantum Mains Conditioner


Available as Schuko or US


Q5 Mains Quantum Organizer.

This device acts directly on the mains voltage, giving music more headroom and freedom. Use one in the power strip and another in a free outlet anywhere else in the room.

Q5, how do they work?

Q5 is a unique combination of electronic circuit, power cleaner, quantum physics and crystal technology.
All these parts in perfect interaction have a significant impact on the power grid, which is the basis for all the music that a good audio system can reproduce from the recordings.
The Q5 contains electronics designed to transfer the positive aspects of our proprietary quantum physics and crystal technology to the mains. To do this, we created a more electronic design with an integrated classic parallel filter. Filters like this are known to have a significant impact on the sound of an audio system. On the one hand, they can filter out high frequencies, which can lead to audible distortion. On the other hand, they always have dielectric losses that drain important energy from the music. If you have a too bright sounding system, you may appreciate this as it smooths out the sound. However, if you already have a fairly balanced system, you will miss some finesse and subtle information. Since our goal is not to add another component to compensate for errors made elsewhere, we have designed a filter with a very high Q that has an attenuation of only about 3dB at 10MHz. This means that the losses are also extremely low, but together with the other parts of the circuit, we can get excellent access to the network through our quantum and crystal technologies. The rest of the electronics are designed to impress the grid symmetrically, meaning that both half-waves are treated equally, with balanced pn junctions used for both half-waves.
Further, we work with electrically activated crystals, which have a very regular structure with respect to their atomic lattice. This regularity together with our quantum physical approach can impress the network very positively. We recommend the use of at least two Q5 in one audio system:
One in the mains strip or after the mains conditioner, another elsewhere in the listening room.
We also have customers who use many more distributed throughout the house and report significant positive effects.

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