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Q2 Quantum Organizer


A combination of crystals and quantum physics that organizes the protons through a force field, resulting in a more organic and realistic sound. Medium version to be placed under components, power distribution, etc.

Q2 Quantum Organizer
A combination of crystals and quantum physics that organizes protons through a force field, resulting in a more organic and realistic sound. Medium version to be placed under components, power distribution and so on.

What are the Stein Quantum Organizers?

The Stein Quantum Organizers are completely passive and do not require a battery or other power source. The active elements are specially shaped crystals that are resistant to damage and never lose their effectiveness. The crystals in the stone quantum organizers are energized by an energy field that is established through quantum physics techniques
Once energized, the stone quantum organizers create a magnetic force field that affects the polarity of all electrons and protons in the magnetic field, influencing their vibration by making them more aligned with each other. This reaction creates an effect that makes the transfer or exchange of electrons between atoms more streamlined and efficient and the air molecules less resistant. The result is an amazingly improved purity and energy of the audio or video signal.

How are Stein Quantum Organizers used?

The Stein Quantum Organizers are typically placed under/over any type of component, power distribution or power and signal cable. They are particularly effective when used under/over audio and video components such as CD or DVD players, preamplifiers and power amplifiers. They can also be used under televisions, computers, audio equipment; medical equipment and any other source.
It is important to remember that the key to effectiveness is proximity to the component or cable. For this reason, Stein Quantum Organizers do not necessarily need to be placed under the component, but can be placed on top of it or even suspended in mid-air using plastic straps or Velcro, tape or other means that ensure close contact. The Q1, which is specifically designed for use with cables, comes with Velcro already attached, making it very easy to use. This flexibility means that one Stein Quantum Organizer can be used with multiple cables and/or wires. The placement of multiple cables on the Stein Quantum Organizers does not reduce its effectiveness. However, the effects of Stein Quantum Organizers are cumulative - the more Stein Quantum Organizers used in a given environment, the more noticeable the results will be. When using a Quantum Organizer for multiple cables, be careful not to combine cables that can negatively affect each other, such as signal cables plus power or speaker cables. Q2 is good for smaller components. Q3 is the strongest quantum organizer and is the most commonly used.

Use in Car

For automotive and outdoor use, we also supply all variants in a rugged ABS case. These can be used in a temperature range between -30 and +80 °C and are resistant to moisture, oil and dirt in the long term if the felt underside is removed. In cars, they are connected directly to high-quality audio equipment and signal cables. Another application is for use in fuse boxes, whether in the car or in your home. Without the felt underside installed to prevent scratches, this version is also flame retardant and so can also be installed in components.


Even the best high-definition TV or any type of imaging monitor will show better contrast, detail and color fidelity. In audio systems, bass frequencies are faster and more impressive, and high frequencies become more extended, open and natural, without sharpness. The critical midrange sounds more musical, more fluid, and less "electronic." The overall imaging and soundstage becomes both more precise and more enveloping.

To achieve the perfect sound, SteinMusic places great emphasis on precise craftsmanship and careful development. Each product is made in Germany by experienced craftsmen and technicians who use their extensive know-how to achieve the highest sound quality in our products.

Through a combination of advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship, we strive to provide the best possible listening experience. Our commitment to quality and detail-oriented manufacturing is central to our philosophy of creating audiophile products that meet the highest standards.

Handmade in Germany SteinMusic

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Die Reise geht weiter….

Nachdem ich bereits diverse Akustik-Module der Firma Stein bei mir angebracht hatte, war ich neugierig auf all die anderen Spielsachen im Sortiment. Herr Stein war so freundlich, mir Q1 und Q2 zum Testen zu übersenden. Zurückgesandt habe ich keines der Teile, was bereits aussagekräftig genug sein sollte. Heißer Tipp: Eine Q2 mit Acrylatklebepunkten an der Rückseite des TV anbringen, dort wo die Elektronik verbaut sein dürfte. Das Bild wurde sofort und nachvollziehbar in allen Belangen besser! Die Q1 verrichten super Dienste an den Stromkabeln. Mein subjektives Fazit lautet, dass die bereits vorhandenen Akustikmodule Hand in Hand mit den Q1 und Q2 zu wirken scheinen. Ein absolut schlüssiges Konzept, das mir sehr viel Freude bereitet!

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