Stein Music

Powerbar 6


6-way outlet, star wired with the finest solid wire. Not a classic line filter that limits the dynamic range, but mechanical filter of the highest quality.
Available with Schuko or US sockets, even British or Swiss versions are possible.

Passionate about what good music can give you, we at SteinMusic have focused on nothing but getting as close to it as possible for 3 ½ decades. We've found that paying attention to the smallest detail is essential on the path to the best possible performance. This means not doing anything because it has always been done that way, but gaining an understanding of the sonic implications of widely used techniques as well as materials.
With this knowledge, and by using our own unique solutions, we are able to build well-balanced components that don't show their character, but are fully engaged and bring you closer to the music.
Capacitors in the network are widely used to get rid of noise. As everywhere in real life, everything that has positive sides, also has disadvantages. Capacitors are highly nonlinear, and their dielectric losses suck finesse and detail out of the music. If you use a standard audio system, this can smooth out the sound and make listening more enjoyable. However, with a good audio system, you won't want to miss the loss of fine detail.
You get the same effects with inducers because of their core losses and dynamic limitations.

Connectors: All connectors are manufactured to our specifications, so we can guarantee a perfect sound as well as long-term stability. For the contacts, we have opted for a partially rhodium-plated coating, which in combination with the overall design offers a little more finesse and detail than a gold-plated version.

Wiring: The internal wiring is made of the purest copper throughout. All outputs are wired in a star configuration to a central point, and the orientation of each cable is selected for proper directivity.

The Powerbar units are very compact and rigidly built with a three-layer, CNC-machined composite housing. The outer layers are made of a special fiberboard, with the dominant middle layer being a proprietary carbon composite compound. This construction is extremely strong and torsionally rigid. Additionally, the carbon composite is grounded to prevent electrostatic charging.
The CNC-machined aluminum top plate that supports the outlets is mounted on the base enclosure with a large surface area throughout to prevent unwanted resonance. The feet are solid walnut, a choice we made after listening extensively to a variety of other solutions.

Special features:
The star point ground connection is really a central point where all conductors are connected by our InLine technology. Here, the vectors of the magnetic fields generated while a current flows through a conductor are completely random, i.e. the sum is zero. This eliminates magnetic distortion, resulting in a much more differentiated sound. At this critical point, we also apply a small amount of our proprietary quantum solution. To protect and mechanically quiet this critical part, we seal it with a specially filled epoxy resin.

All wires and connectors are demagnetized. They also undergo another proprietary treatment that significantly increases the mobility of free electrons in all metal parts. This is done in a very elaborate process that we call plasma treatment.

The SteinMusic Powerbars are available with 6 or 10 outputs.

Powerbar 6 size 25 x 18 x 11cm weight 3.5 Kg.
Powerbar 10 size 39 x 18 x 11cm weight 5 Kg

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