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InLine Gold USB


InLine Gold USB: Revolutionary Music Transmission

InLine Gold USB:
The InLine Gold USB represents a new standard in music transmission over USB. By integrating our exclusive InLine technology, specifically aimed at preventing magnetic distortions, this device sets new benchmarks in sound quality and signal purity.

Innovative Technology for Clarity and Purity:
This USB adapter uses a high-quality gold version, specially developed for optimizing high frequencies. This specialization allows for excellent reproduction of high tones, making music playback clearer and more detailed.

Main Features:

  • Specialized InLine Technology: Our proprietary technology is focused on avoiding magnetic distortions, leading to a significantly improved sound quality.

  • Optimized for High Frequencies: The InLine Gold USB is specifically designed for optimal playback of high frequencies, offering you unmatched clarity and detail in your music.

  • Use of Pure Gold: The use of gold in critical components enhances signal transmission and ensures minimal signal distortion.

  • Resonance-Controlling Lacquer: Complemented by our resonance-controlling lacquer and other proprietary technologies, this adapter offers superior performance, both acoustically and aesthetically.

Ideal for Discerning Listeners:
The InLine Gold USB is perfect for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who do not want to compromise on sound quality in their digital music collection. With this device, you can fully enjoy the subtleties and nuances of your favorite music.

To achieve the perfect sound, SteinMusic places great emphasis on precise craftsmanship and careful development. Each product is made in Germany by experienced craftsmen and technicians who use their extensive know-how to achieve the highest sound quality in our products.

Through a combination of advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship, we strive to provide the best possible listening experience. Our commitment to quality and detail-oriented manufacturing is central to our philosophy of creating audiophile products that meet the highest standards.

Handmade in Germany SteinMusic

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