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E-Pad Matrix Gold

The E-Pad Matrix-Gold impresses less with its powerful effects, but rather with its sonic finesse. The Matrix E-Pads deliver crystal-clear, fully recognizable detail and undistorted, unfiltered overtones and nuances in a previously unimaginable presence. In particular, they can be used with musical instruments such as guitars, violins, cellos and grand pianos. Bob Levi on Positive Feedback online about the E-Pads Matrix: “The increased beauty in all aspects of the reproduction of your audiophile equipment with these top-class optimizations makes a whole order of magnitude. Easy to use and reuse, you will experience more of what you really like and less of what you don’t. Brilliantly! Pleasurable! Reproducible! Reliable! …the new Stein Music E-Pads receive my very highest recommendation.”

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Here you see Elena Denisova, solo violinist at the New Year concert in Shanghai. She plays an old excellent sounding Italian violin. With one of our E-Pads on the footbridge, which significantly further improves the qualities of this excellent instrument. Another impressive application is the use of an E-Pad Matrix Gold on the soundboard of a concert piano. Pianos treated like this have been the choice from some of the top pianists like Daniel Barenboim or Martha Argerich at their concerts in Germany. Meanwhile hundreds of musicians from all over the world are using E-Pads on their instruments to improve their sound.

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