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Steinmusic Contact Clear is a system for cleaning and stabilizing contact transitions. It improves the transmission qualities of audio and video signals to an unimagined degree.

Contact Clear

Steinmusic Contact Clear is a system for cleaning and stabilizing contact transitions.
It improves the transmission qualities of audio and video signals to an unprecedented degree.


The contacts are thoroughly cleaned with the cleaner and dry cleaned.
For this purpose, a standard kitchen cloth is suitable together with the enclosed cleaners.
In the second step, when the contacts are completely dry again, a small amount of
Steinmusic Contact Fluid from the brush screw bottle evenly on the contacts.
applied to the contacts. Steinmusic Contact Fluid should be applied to all contacts in a system:
Starting with the pickup connections, all cynch connectors and ending with the
speaker terminals. Even the treatment of the power plugs is clearly audible.

Long-term stability

Steinmusic Contact Fluid is non-aggressive, non-volatile and temperature stable up to 300°C.
Its effect is therefore maintained for a long time.
We recommend re-treatment after 8 to 12 months.
Steinmusic Contact Fluid develops its full effect only about 24 hours after treatment.
of the contacts

Hazard warnings

The cleaner is flammable. Steinmusic Contact Fluid is neutral and non-toxic, but must not be
heated above
350°C to be heated. Therefore, please keep away from tobacco products!
Never work on equipment that is switched on! At tube bases can even long after the
Switched off still a life-threatening high voltage present.
Please consult a specialist here!

Application and mode of action of Steinmusic Contact Fluid in detail:

The problem with contact transitions is that never the entire surface of the contacts.
lies against each other and is thus available to the flow of current.
Points that do not conduct perfectly conclusively create distortion in the music signal.
If there is also a film of dirt on the contact surfaces, it even comes to semiconductor effects.
That is why a thorough cleaning is essential.
But this still does not solve the problem of the only unreliably conducting segments of the
contact surfaces solved.
For this purpose, Steinmusic Contact Fluid is now used.
It consistently isolates all areas that do not have 100% contact; the result is a
clearly more natural sound image, respectively, a cleaner image, if you use it in the video area
Tip: Try Steinmusic Contact Clear on the signal plug of your computer.
Monitor. The picture will be visibly better, smoother and less fatigue.


Steinmusic Contact Clear is also ideally suited due to its excellent temperature stability.
for use on tube contacts.
Please observe the hazard warnings of the device manufacturers when dealing with high voltages.
Generally, you should only lightly coat the tube pins with Steinmusic Contact Fluid, but do not treat the
bases but do not treat. In case of doubt, please consult your dealer.


To achieve the perfect sound, SteinMusic places great emphasis on precise craftsmanship and careful development. Each product is made in Germany by experienced craftsmen and technicians who use their extensive know-how to achieve the highest sound quality in our products.

Through a combination of advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship, we strive to provide the best possible listening experience. Our commitment to quality and detail-oriented manufacturing is central to our philosophy of creating audiophile products that meet the highest standards.

Handmade in Germany SteinMusic

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