Stein Music

DE2 CD Conditioner


The CD conditioner DE-2 reduces magnetism, electrostatic charge and material tension.
For CDs, DVDs and cables.

The DE 2 represents the essence of more than 25 years of development experience in accessories for electronic devices for music reproduction.
"Demagnetizer"... that may sound a bit mystical. But what matters in the end is only the musical impression. You should feel comfortable listening to music through your home stereo. You can contribute to this feeling of well-being through the consistent use of the DE 2.
A CD that has been demagnetized with the DE 2 is reproduced with greater acoustic transparency, a smoother presentation and an altogether greater sonic reality. Digital sharpness disappears and the musical action gains emotional conviction.
With the sum of all these qualities, the DE 2 justifies the extra effort before listening to your favorite recordings.
Truly convincing music reproduction can only come from optimal detail solutions for the entire playback chain, and the DE 2 contributes to this in a subtle yet important way at the very beginning of your playback chain.
The single knob on the top of the unit controls all functions. No other controls are required.

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