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The Perfect Interface π [piː]


The resonance control between a vinyl record and the platter is something essential, it is ensured by the use of a turntable mat. With it, you will be able to achieve the audio quality you have always dreamed of. The base of Perfect Interface is a very special paper from the tapa-cloth tree. This paper is traditionally handmade in Japan and dried on wood. We process it further in our manufactory in Germany and bring it into the right shape and property to form the ultimate interface between record player and record. One of the essential techniques here is impregnation with SteinMusic Maestro lacquer. SteinMusic Maestro lacquer is a lacquer made of the most precious natural resins in a unique composition, optimized for perfect resonance control. The idea is not damping, but creating an open and organic sound with precise timing and finesse. Our record plate mat "The Perfect Interface π [piː]" works perfectly with plates made of metal, acrylic, wood but also any other material. This includes plates made of a combination of different materials. The Perfect Interface π [piː] is made for one purpose only: To let you enjoy the music in all its beauty.

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