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Stateline Phono 2

  • phono stage designed for MM and MC turntables
  • Impedance and capacitance can be adjusted
  • minimalist, compact design

Stateline Phono 2 preamplifier for turntables

The Stateline Phono 2 Preamplifier has the following features:
Discrete matched FET input stage. Discrete single-ended Mos FET output stage. Everything is fully functional in class A.
RIAA equalization is passive for the high frequencies and active for the low frequencies. Both RIAA networks are completely separated from each other. External raw power supply, so there are no transformers in the main chassis that could generate the slightest hum. Internally, a special discrete, ultra-low noise voltage regulator with LEDs as voltage reference does an excellent job.
The signal path is extremely short due to the use of a double-sided PCB with SMD components on one side and through-hole components on the other.
No use of ceramic capacitors in the entire circuit. The complete PCB including all components is painted with Steinmusic Maestro lacquer to optimize mechanical resonances.

MM: Input capacitance switchable 0pF, 82pF, 150pF or 232 pF.
MC: Input impedance switchable between 25R and 47K in 50 steps.
Gain 60dB MC, 40dB MM
Works well with Aventurin 6, but is also suitable for any other pickup, as it is very easy to adjust universally

The Stateline Phono 2 preamplifier is also available as a Signature version

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